Step 3: The Interview

Applicants who are being considered for a vacancy will be requested to come to the management office for an interview. At that time, they will be asked to sign various Release of Information Forms and Verification Forms. Applicants should bring the following information (as it applies to the household) to the Interview:

1) Bank Account information - name and location of bank and account number(s), as well as the last 6 months of bank statements (savings and checking)

2) Income Information

  • Employer – Contact Information
  • Pension – Contact Information
  • Social Security or SSI Award Letters
  • Child Support Letters
  • Public Aid
  • Other Sources of Income

3) Asset Information

  • Certificates of Deposit – Contact Information
  • Treasury Bills – Contact Information
  • Stocks/Bonds – Contact Information
  • Other Assets

4) Copies of Birth Certificates for all members of the household and picture ID for anyone over 18 years of age